About us

Meet Amy McCord ~ Owner

Flower whisperer.
Traveling gypsy.
Lover of bitey puppies, goats, nachos, and box wine.
Wedding Planner.
Spray-tan enthusiast 
Smegil's Mom

With planning over 600 weddings, Amy is a wedding expert.  She gets it. She gets YOU.  She knows the importance of having a stress free wedding week and that's the mind behind Flower Moxie.  

Amy is owner of Flower Moxie and Simply Sisters Weddings , a business she co-owns with her clever sister! 

Amy’s Resume:


Dee Hankins ~ Customer Care

Dee is the moxiest of the moxies, earning her the official title of the "Olivia Pope" of Flower Moxie.  (Confused?  Go watch all seasons of "Scandal" immediately.  Go on, I'll wait.  It's that important.)
With years of customer service experience, she's a natural with nervous brides and clueless grooms.  Her mind is an encyclopedia of flowers and all things buttercream.  (Sidenote: Do not ask her to watch a documentary on the dangers of sugar.)  Dee is brilliant at creating the perfect pallete for your wedding and holding your hand through the process, reminding you to breathe.  Did you also know:
  • Dee's 2 vices are sweets and swearing.  Neither of which I would ever ask her to give up.  (See the aforementioned caution about sugar documentaries.  You will be cursed out of the room.  With love.)
  • Lizard-lover.  She's the proud momma to a bearded dragon (Crystal), gecko (Libby), and an unwillingly rescue named Spencer.  **We are proud of Spencer as he has just decided to acknowledge Dee's presence.**
  • She has the heart of a saint.  She is actively involved in Homeless Alliance and animal rescue.  
  • She keeps Amy's high strung disposition in check by frequently advising her to 'ground' herself.  (Translation: Amy has to take all of her stabby feelings towards Fed-Ex outside and put her feet in the grass and breathe.)
  • Her favorite flower is the peach campanella garden rose.  If you do an all-white wedding, she will still suggest said flower.....let her down easy.
  • She motors to work like Steve McQueen.  Except on a mint-green scooter sporting her neon-orange safety and observing all traffic laws and speed limits.


Morgan Moran ~ Content Editor

Creative Writer.
Snarky Facebook Poster.
Deep Sea Creature Googler (seriously, look up blob fish – I dare you not to think of the comic Ziggy).
Hails from Wisconsin
Married to a cheeky British husband and has three non-British cats. 
Morgan's Words:  The universe insisted Amy and I know one another. One day at work, a co-worker burst into my office demanding to know if I've heard of Flower Moxie. I misheard and thought she said Flower Nazi. I was concerned. 
Anyway, this mother-of-the-bride was convinced that I would "get a kick" out of the prose, and that I needed to know this girl. I was immediately fascinated. 
Former forensic scientist who plans weddings and arranges flowers and liberally uses the phrase "Bend and Snap" while drinking Pinot from a wine bladder? Is this a real person? Does she have a femur sitting on her mantel beside her pot of succulents?
I had to know. I emailed and said something dorky like "You funny" and somehow that evolved into a Facebook friendship and social media content partnership that has quite literally lit up my life. 
Amy is such a talented, committed, generous, humble-as-dirt (but pretty-as-a-peony) lady. Her brides and wedding parties adore her, and you will too!