About us

Meet Amy McCord ~ Owner

  • Flower whisperer.
  • Traveling gypsy.
  • Lover of bitey puppies, goats, nachos, and box wine.
  • Wedding Planner.
  • Spray-tan enthusiast.
  • Smegil's Mom.

With planning over 600 weddings, Amy is a wedding expert.  She gets it. She gets YOU.  She knows the importance of having a stress free wedding week and that's the mind behind Flower Moxie.

Amy is owner of Flower Moxie and Simply Sisters Weddings, a business she co-owns with her clever sister! 

Amy’s Resume:

  • 1986-2000- Was an exceptionally mediocre student at Mustang Public schools. Learned customer service and that no job was beneath me while being employed at the local buffet. Grew up happy in the country with dirty feet. Never had name-brand clothes, but received some hand-me-downs from a cousin. When they didn’t fit, I cut the tags out and sewed them on the outside of my Gitano jeans. Thus beginning my life as an avid ‘Do-It-Yourself-er.’
  • 2002- Saw Bone Collector and decided to get my degree in Forensic Science. My dad said I wouldn’t be cut out viewing dead bodies every day, but my stubbornness persevered.
  • 2004- Graduated and realized I didn’t like seeing dead bodies.
  • 2004-2006- Moved to Austin, Texas to play my guitar and sing with my science degree. Worked as a chemist, wore a white lab jacket, and met Matthew McConaughey. I was not discovered.
  • 2006- Moved back to Oklahoma, got a corporate job and hated doing TPS reports and did not enjoy my job when my boss would come into my cubical and fart.
  • 2008- Heard about a chapel going for sale in the Paseo Art’s District, decided it was high time to reinvent myself yet again and become a wedding planner. My mum bought the chapel, and my sister and I joined forces to take on the world of weddings.
  • 2008- Our first wedding. We earned $200 dollars…..we were the planners, waitresses, florists, family counselors, marriage counselors, bartenders, and plumbers. My sister had a panic attack in the kitchen of our little chapel…my back hurt for 2 weeks afterwards.
  • 2008- present- We are now seasoned wedding planners. We average 45 weddings a year due to our stellar service and willingness to tackle anything….including a wayward bridesmaid.
  • 2013- Folks came down from Chicago in efforts to make reality stars out of my mum, my sis, and I.  We proved not tacky enough for reality TV.
  • 2013- The idea of Flower Moxie fell out of the sky while I was thinking about how much I loved wedding florals and truly adore teaching people how to do them. Flower Moxie was born. I didn’t have an epidural.

Morgan Moran ~ Content Editor

  • Creative Writer.
  • Snarky Facebook Poster.
  • Deep Sea Creature Googler (seriously, look up blob fish – I dare you not to think of the comic Ziggy).
  • Hails from Wisconsin
  • Married to a cheeky British husband and has three non-British cats.

Morgan's Words: The universe insisted Amy and I know one another. One day at work, a co-worker burst into my office demanding to know if I've heard of Flower Moxie. I misheard and thought she said Flower Nazi. I was concerned.

Anyway, this mother-of-the-bride was convinced that I would "get a kick" out of the prose, and that I needed to know this girl. I was immediately fascinated.

Former forensic scientist who plans weddings and arranges flowers and liberally uses the phrase "Bend and Snap" while drinking Pinot from a wine bladder? Is this a real person? Does she have a femur sitting on her mantel beside her pot of succulents?

I had to know. I emailed and said something dorky like "You funny" and somehow that evolved into a Facebook friendship and social media content partnership that has quite literally lit up my life.

Amy is such a talented, committed, generous, humble-as-dirt (but pretty-as-a-peony) lady. Her brides and wedding parties adore her, and you will too!