How early should I have my flowers delivered and do I need to refrigerate them?

This is our most common question.

First off, no, you don't want to refrigerate your flowers. On the contrary, flowers need to be in room temp to hydrate and open properly.

You will want to receive/pickup your flowers 3 days before your wedding day. This means a Wednesday delivery for a Saturday wedding.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

I’m on the fence, how hard is DIY wedding flowers? How long is it going to take me?

Flower Moxie's Collections aren't tough, I could teach my daddy how to make them. Most arrangements take about 10-15 minutes, and my brides typically spend about 30 minutes on their bridal bouquet if they have a lot of variation in flowers. I frequently ask my past clients how long it took them in total and they say that with the help of their mom and a few friends it took between 2-4 hours.

I warn brides if I feel they're taking on too much. For example, if you email me a picture of a huge arrangement from Kim Kardashian's wedding and tell me that you want to make 30 of these I'm going to tell you that you need to be protected from yourself and to abandon this plan.

The prep work takes the longest......unpacking boxes of flowers, taking off foliage, getting them into water, and organized. You'll do this 2-3 days before your wedding. The following day is when you will arrange the flowers, and you'll find this goes a lot faster when you're well prepped!

Having some help (mom, aunties, friends) really makes the process go faster, and choosing simpler designs.

Should I get a 'Custom Quote'?

I've found that when I want a new hairdo, I find that one Pinterest picture that I wag into the salon and show my stylist about 18 times. I'm stuck on it, it's my 'Inspiration Picture'. Same concept applies to brides and their flowers. We all have that one picture that trips our trigger and becomes the source off all our inspiration!!!

A custom quote is especially helpful if you have a lot of floral components like altar arrangements, garland, arbor design.

If you have questions prior to ordering a custom quote, feel free to email us! We'll point you in the right direction!

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of the USofA, Oklahoma! Give me a YEEE-HAAAA!

Oklahoma is where I live and work as a wedding planner and floral designer, so you’re getting the same flowers that I work with every weekend.

The flowers themselves come from all over the world…..Israel, Thailand, South America, all over! They are shipped to floral wholesalers and then sent to you.

Can I pick up my flowers, and if so, where?

YES!!!! Flower Moxie has wholesalers in the following cities, so if you are in the area you can pick them up directly and avoid a shipping charge. Here's the states/cities: AZ: Chandler, Phoenix CA: Bakersfield, LA, Santa Ana, Oxnard, Riverside, Carlsbad, Van Nuys FL: Miami, Orlando GA: Atlanta IL: Chicago, Herrin, Peoria Heights, Rockford, Springfield IN: Indianapolis IA: Des Moines, Waterloo KY: Louiseville MA: West Springfield MI: Detroit NE: Omaha NV: Las Vegas NY: Albany, Plainview NC: Charlotte OH: Parma, Columbus OK: Oklahoma City, Tulsa OR: Portland TX: Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Other Cities in close proximity: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburg

My Colors are 'Blush' and 'Bashful', can you guarantee this color?

Here's the beautiful truth, pretty lady, no florist can. Flowers are living things, and each one is unique.

As a florist, many of my brides will give me swatches of material or paint chips to guide me when I'm selecting their flowers. I explain to them that their flowers will definitely be in that color scheme, but flowers can't be matched to a synthetic color. Don't let this worry you, this is a good thing! Uniqueness and variation is what makes flowers beautiful.

How far in advance do I need to order?

The sooner, the better! To ensure product availability, we recommend ordering as far out as possible. Plus, you want to have ample time to purchase your vases, watch my fancy video tutorial videos, and line up your flower helpers! Most clients order 3-4 months before their wedding date.

The latest you can order is 2 weeks before your event.

What is the cost of shipping?

Flowers have to be shipped Fedex Priority Next Day Air. This means your flowers will arrive in the morning, delivery is typically around 10:30.

Shipping typically costs about $65

I’m confused. So how does this work, are you sending me the bouquets/centerpieces pre-made or is it DIY?

It's all DIY, but with a 'hand-held' approach. The flowers are shipped in bunches, upon receiving your lovely blooms you will follow our instructions for prep, work flow, and recipes.

What’s the guarantee on your flowers?
No one likes crummy flowers, most of all me (Amy McCord).  Flower Moxie stands 95% behind the quality of the flowers you receive. Now you're thinking, "Ummm...what about the other 5%???". GREAT QUESTION! Let me explain. As a florist, anytime I pick up from my local wholesaler or have them shipped, I anticipate not every bud will be perfect...out of 100 roses, I may have 5 that doesn't make the cut, and I'm not even stressing over it. Reason being, it's live 'produce'. It's a lot like buying a carton of blueberries, taking them home, rinsing them off, and tossing out a couple. No big deal, right? Same goes with flowers. When you are your own 'florist' this is part of it.

Does that mean we sell below-par flowers and hide behind the 5% rule?? Come on now...not a chance! Our flowers are sourced from the best wholesalers over the US. You're not getting flowers from an obscure farm somewhere in the world, but from the same place the best florists in the US gets their flowers.

Although a problem is unlikely, here are the scenarios:

  • Damaged Flowers: Flower Moxie will re-ship the flowers at no extra cost to you or refund your money for the damaged flowers. In the rare case that you receive damaged flowers, Flower Moxie will request that you provide up to 3 photos within 12 hours of receiving your flowers. This does not include minor imperfections such as small spots, streaks, or slight color variations.
  • Wrong Color: If you order light pink roses, and receive hot pink roses we will replace the flowers via overnight shipping or refund the cost.  *This does not include if the shade is not the exact pale pink you had in mind. We do not guarantee exact color tone matches. Flowers are a natural product and vary in color from season to season.
  • Missing Flowers: If you receive your order and find you're missing a bunch of flowers contact Flower Moxie ASAP and any missing items will be shipped at no extra cost.
  • Flower Substitution: Simply put, I will not ship flowers that are below par. Flower Moxie reserves the right to make changes and substitutions. All substitutions and changes are only done as a last resort, and only when the reasons for doing so are reasonable and genuine. For example, if a certain bloom is unavailable or the flowers are wilted and not in a condition to grace a wedding function, they are changed from the Flower Moxie’s side. We will call you to discuss this matter, and you can choose to accept the substitution or get a refund.


Please remember that flowers are highly perishable, time-sensitive products. Flower Moxie will not be responsible for damages resulting from inclement weather or freezing temperatures due to an extended absence on behalf of the customer. Flower Moxie is further released from responsibility due to delays on behalf of the shipping companies, and acts of God. Complaints must be received within 24 hours of receiving the flowers. We will gladly work with you to solve any problems and/or concerns.

Why would this not be for me?

DIY wedding flowers isn’t for everybody, and if you answer ‘yes’ to the following scenarios then you need to run (not walk) to your local florist.

  • You’re in med school/law school/flight controller school with no time to wash your hair, much less do your own wedding flowers.
  • You break down and cry if you do long division and get a remainder.
  • You’re self-planning a wedding with a guest list of 500+ and not a soul to help you with your flowers.
  • You were considered a candidate for the ‘Bridezilla’ show.
Can I watch the video tutorial before I order?

Yes! They are on our YouTube Chanel to make it easy for everyone.......click here!

Most Flower Moxie clients tweak our designs or design their own, so it's helpful to peruse all the videos!

What do I need to provide? What does Flower Moxie?


  • Vases. I likethis company if you want to buy them online!
  • Snips or Shears. Here's an example. You'll want to have several on hand, and make sure they're clean and sharp!
  • Hydration Buckets. My advice is get short plastic bathroom trashcans from Walmart. Reason being, I don't like buckets to be too deep....these work great!
  • Ribbon for bouquets. I really like soft, satin ribbon.
  • Pins


Flower Moxie:

  • Flowers!
  • Access to our videos
  • Any professional floral tools you may need like waterproof floral tape, stem tape, flower food, floral foam, floral picks.


Do you charge sales tax?

We are not required to collect sales tax on any orders outside of the state of Oklahoma. For all Oklahoma orders a sales tax of 8.165% applies.

What is your cancelation/refund policy?

Order cancellations must be received at least 14 days prior to your scheduled delivery date. If you wish to cancel your Flower Moxie order please send an e-mail to Orders@FlowerMoxie.com, with the subject heading CANCEL. Please type your order number along with your name and address in the body of the email. You will receive an email notice verifying cancellation of your order within 48 hours. All canceled orders will be charged a 15% service fee. Flower Moxie will refund the amount you paid minus the 15% cancellation processing fee.