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Meet Morgan

  • Creative Writer.
  • Snarky Facebook Poster.

  • Deep Sea Creature Googler (seriously, look up blob fish – I dare you not to think of the comic Ziggy).

  • Hails from Wisconsin

  • Married to a cheeky British husband and has three non-British cats

Morgan's Words: The universe insisted Amy and I know one another. One day at work, a co-worker burst into my office demanding to know if I've heard of Flower Moxie. I misheard and thought she said Flower Nazi. I was concerned.

Anyway, this mother-of-the-bride was convinced that I would "get a kick" out of the prose, and that I needed to know this girl. I was immediately fascinated.

Former forensic scientist who plans weddings and arranges flowers and liberally uses the phrase "Bend and Snap" while drinking Pinot from a wine bladder? Is this a real person? Does she have a femur sitting on her mantel beside her pot of succulents?

I had to know. I emailed and said something dorky like "You funny" and somehow that evolved into a Facebook friendship and social media content partnership that has quite literally lit up my life.

Amy is such a talented, committed, generous, humble-as-dirt (but pretty-as-a-peony) lady. Her brides and wedding parties adore her, and you will too!