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Flower Care 101

Proper flower care is not optional, unlike when your microwaveable meal says to stir half-way through.

Rocking professional, florist-grade blooms is not hard, but there is a process of three simple steps that must be followed. If you skip this process, do your own thing, or treat the flowers like gas station bargain blooms, you will be left with limp sadness.

Do your part and your flowers will be Pinterest perfection!


Rule #1:  Remove lower leaves, cut 2-3’’ off stem, and place in fresh water (no weird additives). Leave ALL wrapping on flowers for 1 hour before removing. This allows the flowers to rehydrate while upright to prevent sad drooping.

Hydrate flowers with wrappings on for one hour.

Remove all wrappings after one hour of hydration.

Place in hydration bucket with plenty of elbow room.

Rule #2:  Use size-appropriate hydration containers and vases. Short, plastic bathroom trashcans work best! Small, delicate flowers need their own vase or cup. Avoid deep Home Depot buckets, they'll just break your heart.

Nope. Flowers are too crowded and vessel is too tall.

Much better! Group like with like and give them room.

Perfectly prepped flowers!

Rule #3:  You get to be your own florist for the week so take time to educate yourself on individual flower care! On each flower’s page we discuss the good and the bad and provide special care notes. Take time to read up or use our handy our Specific Flower Care PDF for quick access.

Scabiosa: leave the straws on the stem

Roses: trimming and hydrating

Ranunculus: often need to be wired to prevent bending

Flower Care 101 Video: Walking You Through The ENTIRE Process!
(please ignore any mouth-breathing)

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