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Do Your Flowers Look Drunk?

We are here to sober that shit up! Snapping photos of the offending fleur is the quickest way to assess whether it needs more breathing space, a quick prune, a vase swap, or a full-on replacement.

There is ALWAYS a fix. And Flower Moxie will ALWAYS do you right.

Complete the form below and we’ll jump on your request faster than Pitbull says “baby-baby-baby-baby-baby-I’m-a-fireball.”

Include several pics – close-up full frontals AND another of the entire bunch so we know what we’re working with. See below for examples.

DO NOT throw anything away until we give you the green light to do so.

Photo Examples: The Do's and Don'ts

No: blurry photos

Things to remember:

  • YES: good lighting
  • YES: clear photos
  • YES: photos of the bunch as a whole (1-2 photos)
  • YES: up close of blooms (1-2 photos)
  • NO: dimly lit/dark
  • NO: only up close photos without photos of the bunch
  • NO: throwing away anything before we give you the green light to do so

No: poorly lit photos

Yes: bunch as a whole

Yes: up close profile

Yes: clear, up close of rose head "face"

Yes: bunch as a whole

Yes: bunch as a whole

Yes: up close/detail/"face"

Yes: bunch as a whole

Yes: up close/detail

If you're having issues with the form, then send the following information to

- Your Name

- Order Number

- Phone Number

- What day did you receive your flowers and what is your event date?

- What is the problem, which flowers are effected?

- Please send an up-close photos and several pictures of the entire bunch. Don't throw anything away until we have the photos we need.