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Custom Design

$ 35.00

**The images are of some of Moxie bride's custom designs.

Included in a Custom Design:  

  • We review your Pinterest page or submitted pictures of the design you're trying to achieve.
  • 30 minute phone consultation with Amy McCord.  In this meeting, she will go over specifics of your desired budget, desired flowers, vase sizes, altar arrangements, etc.  She will offer substitutions (if needed) and any other advice to help you achieve a swoon-worthy wedding.
  • You will have access to season-specific flowers that aren't on shop-by-the-bunch.
  • You will receive a cart full of flowers, but more importantly you will get a breakdown (recipe) of what flowers goes where so you will know exactly what to do when you receive your flowers.
  • If you're nervous about spending $35 bucks on a custom design package, don't be.  It's worth it, our guidance is solid, but if you're not happy with your package I will refund your money.  So boom.


Realistic DIY Floral Budget:

  • The more varieties of flowers in a bouquet or centerpiece, the higher the price.  If you want something simple like hydrangeas, greens, and roses then you will spend way less than if you want arrangements full of roses, ranunculus, anemones, garden roses, veronica, greens, etc.  
  • Have you gotten a quote from a florist yet?  This is helpful, as you can expect to save around 60-65% DIY'ing your flowers.  So let's say you are quoted $3,500 from a florist, your DIY cost should be around $1,200.
  • Best to average the following:  Bridal- $115, Maid- $30, Small Centerpieces- $25-35, Ceremony Urns- $60 each
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Custom Design
$ 35.00

Custom Design

Custom Design
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