Meet Amy McCord
  • Flower whisperer.
  • Traveling gypsy.
  • Lover of bitey puppies, goats, nachos, and fanny packs.
  • Wedding Planner.
  • Spray-tan and canned wine enthusiast.
  • Smegil's Mom.
With planning over 800 weddings, Amy is a wedding expert. She gets it. She gets YOU. She knows the importance of having a stress free wedding and that's the mind behind Moxie.

Amy is owner of Flower Moxie and Simply Sisters Weddings, a business she co-owns with her clever sister!

Amy’s Resume:
  • 1986-2000- Was an exceptionally mediocre student. Never had name-brand clothes, but received some hand-me-downs from a cousin. When they didn’t fit, I cut the tags and sewed them onto my mom-made jeans. Thus beginning my life as an avid ‘Do-It-Yourself-er.’
  • 2000- Saw Bone Collector and decided to get a Forensic Science degree.
  • 2004- Graduated and realized I didn’t like picking maggots off of dead bodies.
  • 2004-2006- Moved to Austin, Texas to play my guitar and sing with my handy biochem degree. Met Matthew McConaughey. I was not discovered.
  • 2006- Moved back to Oklahoma, got corporate job, did not enjoy life when my boss would fart in my cubical.
  • 2008- Heard about a chapel going for sale. Mum bought it. Sister and I started a wedding planning and floral biz.
  • 2008- Our first wedding. We earned $200 dollars…..we were the planners, waitresses, florists, family counselors, marriage counselors, bartenders, and plumbers. My sister had a panic attack in the kitchen of our little chapel…my back hurt for 2 weeks afterwards.
  • 2008- present- We are now seasoned wedding planners. We average 45 weddings a year due to our stellar service and willingness to tackle anything….including a wayward bridesmaid.
  • 2013- The idea of Flower Moxie fell out of the sky while I was thinking about how much I loved wedding florals and truly adore teaching people how to do them. Flower Moxie was born. I didn’t have an epidural.