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Spray Roses Bulk

Are you planning a dazzling DIY wedding full of spray roses? You go, girl.
Spray roses grow in clusters of blooms on one stem or branch instead of long-term roses that produce one bloom per stem. Fresh spray roses create a cluster of smaller blooms that look more open and fanned out than the roses you typically see on Valentine's Day. These absolutely gorgeous flowers will add beautiful touches to the wedding of your dreams.
Looking for bulk spray roses that offer a special addition to your floral designs? When you want a delicate flower choice that's both classy and unique, we think you'll love what our spray roses can do for your bouquets, boutonnieres and other DIY arrangements.

Roses vs. Spray Roses

Wondering what the difference is between standard roses and spray roses? We've got you covered. While these bloom siblings may look similar, they differ in a few key ways:

  • Appearance: Standard roses are known for their big, full blooms, close layers of petals and single-stem grace. While regular roses have fewer petals curved more closely together, spray roses' smaller blooms appear a little more open and fanned-out.
  • Bloom type: While standard roses develop one bloom per stem, spray roses develop in bunches. Each stem can develop multiple smaller stems, which branch off into their own blooms as semi-doubles or doubles. A typical rose has about four to eight petals, while a stem of spray roses can have up to 25 on semi-doubles and 45 on doubles.
  • Size: Even though they have fewer petals, standard single roses are larger, while spray roses are sometimes called "miniature roses" because of their smaller blooms.


Characteristics of Fresh Spray Roses

Small and gorgeous when in full bloom, spray roses offer something unique for your arrangements, including these characteristics:

  • Miniature blooms and "spray"-shaped clusters for an especially lush look
  • A similar look to standard roses
  • Less than two inches in width so you can have five to seven flowers per stem
  • Multiple colors and varieties available to suit your aesthetic


Choosing Wholesale Spray Roses for Your Wedding

So now you know how fresh spray roses are different than standard roses — but what purpose can they serve in your wedding arrangements?

These beautiful little flowers are perfect for creating gorgeous wedding floral designs. With their multi-bloom sprays, they're what we like to call a "volume flower" — creating the floral foundation and desired color palette of your designs.

In addition to bridal bouquets, these little roses are ideal for using in:

  • Boutonnieres: Roses aren't just for the blushing bride. Incorporate these small gems into your groom's and groomsmen's boutonnieres for a small, sweet backdrop.
  • Corsages: Because of their small size, spray roses are perfect for wrist arrangements.
  • Centerpieces: When your centerpieces are focused around floral decor, spray roses are a beautiful pick for a miniature table arrangement.
  • Other small arrangements: From headdresses to garlands and other little arrangements, these little blooms will add a romantic touch to any small flower design.


Buy Bulk Spray Roses Online From Flower Moxie

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