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Flower Moxie's Packages and Collections

Flower Moxie's floral packages give you a bangin’ base to build from, while allowing plenty of freedom to add any personal favorites.

We have over 30 color palettes to choose from. Ogle them all at the same time, or select your favorite color to see the Collections available in that specific palette.

Each Flower Moxie Collection Contains the following:

Small Packages:  Bouquets + Bouts + Corsages. Pricing around $350

Medium Packages:  Bouquets + Bouts + Corsages + Centerpieces. Pricing around $700

Large Packages:  Bouquets + Bouts + Corsages + Centerpieces + Ceremony Flowers. Pricing around $900


Create your perfect wedding floral package online today

Ready to make your wedding day picture-perfect and post-worthy? Flower Moxie is your source for original DIY designs, florist-grade flowers, tutorials, inspiration and so much more. Don't just dream about drool-worthy flowers — DIY your way there. Create your personal bulk wedding flower package with Flower Moxie today.

If our moodboard floral packages still give you boob sweat, consider a custom consult. 

We can peek at any Pinterest breadcrumbs/floral screenshots you have, and recommend a custom bouquet package. Sometimes you just need to hear an OKIE accent on the phone to feel better about your life choices.

Get started by picking your mood to get the flowers, directions and printable “recipes.” You’re well on your way to #moxiebride status!

Custom DIY wedding flower packages

If you're still just not feeling our designs we won't take it personally.

We'll low-key stalk your Pinterest board to help you create a flower look that fits your color palette, style and wedding vision.

Say hello to our custom wedding floral package. We swear, you'll be obsessed.

All you need to get started designing the custom the floral look of your dreams is $35 and a friendly phone consultation with one of our girls. You'll spend 30-60 minutes chatting about your budget, your blooms and the specifics of your wedding needs. We'll even comb through your favorite Pinterest boards and bouquet looks together. By the end, we'll basically be your new BFFs — plus, you'll have a custom flower cart and the recipe to build your beautiful designs.

Changed your mind? Don't sweat it. We offer two revisions to your original design, plus a no-risk refund policy if you're not totally satisfied — but you will be.

Moodboard-inspired Packages

If you're as obsessed with Pinterest as we are, you've probably already pinned at least one hundred -or a thousand- floral decor and bouquets. They might be similar, they may not be! But knowing what mood, theme, or style you're going for can help make putting together a bouquet a little easier- don't worry, you can still have that extra glass of wine.

Our moodboard packages are made to channel your vibe and vision, taking the guesswork out of building a bouquet package from scratch.

Pick your mood-- get the flowers, directions and printable "recipes"-- claim that #BossBride status.