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Bulk Hydrangea Flowers

Are you looking for the perfect flowers to style for your DIY wedding arrangements? We have them here with our bulk hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas can become the theme for your entire wedding or make the perfect addition to other blooms and greenery. These delicate and classic flowers deliver with so many blooms on just a single stem. When added to a bridal bouquet, centerpieces or decor, hydrangea wedding flowers will pack a punch.

With florist-grade blooms and a professional background, we offer you all the inspiration and supplies you need to make the most breathtaking hydrangea bouquets — because you deserve to #BrideLikeABoss.

Looking for versatile, chic flowers that are always classy? Check out our selection of bulk hydrangeas to incorporate into your floral designs.


Characteristics of Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

With full blooms, lush volume and various color options, hydrangea wedding flowers have so much to offer for your bouquets. Their beautiful cluster of full petals will complement and contrast with various other flowers — for a classy and chic arrangement that expresses your style. Here are some characteristics to consider before buying hydrangeas for your DIY bouquets:

  • Hydrangeas can come in pink, purple, blue, white, green and red — and sometimes they have hints of more than one color in their petals.
  • The flowers on hydrangeas are actually tiny blossoms — but they grow in close clusters to give the appearance of big, ruffled flowers.
  • Each hydrangea stem contains a puff-like cluster of blooms, and arrangements are built by cluster.


Choosing Hydrangea Flowers for Your Wedding

Do you love the fresh, unique look of hydrangeas? They add a perfect touch of beauty, life and light elegance to your wedding aesthetic. Whether your theme is pastel and spring-inspired or subdued and sophisticated, these beauties will add something special to your arrangements.

Hydrangeas are typically used as "fillers" or "volume flowers" — blooms that fill the gaps in bouquets, add volume and provide visual interest for the arrangements. Your filler flowers should take up about 35% of the design. Pair your hydrangeas with other beautiful blooms for use in:

  • Bridal bouquets: Bring your personal bouquet to life with the addition of blooming hydrangeas. We recommend using five to eight stems to flesh out your bridal bouquet and complement your other blooms.
  • Bridesmaid bouquets: Hydrangeas are also a lovely pick for bridesmaid bouquets. Add two to three stems of the flower to each arrangement.
  • Centerpieces: Add texture and floral accents to each table by using hydrangea wedding flowers in your centerpieces. Three to six stems is just the right amount to draw your guests' attention without overwhelming the table.
  • Large arrangements: Because they come in large clusters of little flowers, hydrangeas aren't a suitable choice for small details like boutonnieres, but they make the perfect addition to large arrangements. For especially big assortments, use 10 to 20 stems.


Buy Bulk Hydrangea Flowers Online

Ready to watch your wedding come to life? We believe in you! Make the DIY arrangements you dream of with our florist-grade blooms. Purchase your bulk hydrangeas online from Flower Moxie today.