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Garden Roses Bulk

Are you getting ready for the occasion you've been Pinterest-planning forever — your wedding? We know how it goes. We also know fresh garden roses can make the perfect wedding day even better.

Garden roses, also known as old-fashioned roses, are larger and lusher than standard roses. These stunning flowers date back to the 14th century and feature blooms anywhere from 3.5 to 5.5 inches wide. Garden roses are also open, more natural and look like something you'd pick from your own garden. They're perfect for natural brides who want soft and romantic floral designs.

When you want a classy bloom choice appropriate for elegant and rustic themes alike, our wholesale garden roses are a gorgeous choice. Need to know more about these beauties?

We live to share.

Characteristics of Fresh Garden Roses

As a beautiful addition to bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements, garden roses are one of the most popular floral choices among our DIY brides.

Unlike standard roses — which have close-bunched petals and a rounder shape — garden roses have a crimped, tissue paper-like look that's both elegant and unique. They come in various colors from traditional reds and whites to more uncommon shades like peach and purple. If you're thinking about incorporating fresh garden roses into your bouquets or wedding floral arrangements, you can expect the following characteristics.

  • Three to four inches in diameter
  • Nine to 25 petals
  • Sweet, flowery fragrance
  • Ruffled petals
  • 12 stems per bunch
  • Quick-blooming
  • Hardy
  • Available in rosette form — with a ruffled cup shape — or quartered form with four different centers


Choosing Garden Roses for Your Wedding

Wondering where garden roses are best used in your arrangements? These beautiful blooms are typically considered an "accent flower" used to complement and bring out other varieties in your bouquets. Usually, accent flowers take up about 20% of the whole arrangement.

With their elegant shape and delicate ruffled petals, fresh garden roses add both volume and texture to any floral design. They are at their best when incorporated into:

  • Centerpieces: Garden roses stand out stunningly as part of a well-placed centerpiece for your reception tables. We recommend using three to five stems in each centerpiece.
  • Large arrangements: Because of their large bloom and volume, garden roses are more suited toward large floral arrangements than small pieces like boutonnieres. Incorporate one or two bunches in each big arrangement.
  • Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets: These natural beauties will steal your heart in bridal bouquets — either as an accent flower or as the primary bloom. Plan to use six to nine stems for the bridal arrangement and one to three stems for bridesmaid bouquets.


Bulk Garden Roses Online From Flower Moxie

Ready to add these beauties into your DIY flower designs? Buy fresh garden roses in bulk at Flower Moxie — and check out all of our flowers and our original recipes for Pinterest-worthy arrangements today.