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DIY Flower Moxie Academy

We're created a customer-only DIY Flower Academy to walk you through each step of your DIY journey. You can view the lessons after purchasing your Fresh Flowers, just log in and get started!

You'll be the Judge Judy of flowers after completing this all-inclusive workshop. Get all the insider advice, lesson guides, timeline help, and exclusive video content to knock out gorgeous arrangements in your finest sweats.

Available fo' free after you order your fresh flowers:

Lesson Plans • Worksheets • Quizzes

Exclusive Customer-Only Flower Tutorials • Discount Codes for Other Wedding Goodies (coming soon!)

DIY Prereqs: A tiny bit of chill, all the carbs, good helpers, and your go-to stretchy pants.

Lesson One

Buckets and Supplies

Lesson Two

Find and Schedule Your Helpers

Lesson Three

Wedding Week Organization!

Lesson Four

Prep & Organize

Lesson Five

Design Time!

Lesson Six

Transport & Cleanup

More Resources

Video Tutorials

Exclusive content for being a Moxie customer!

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With Helpers!

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