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Meet Hope

  • Former Moxie bride. Current side-hustle florist.

  • Wrote a desperate email to Amy begging to be saved from a boss scarier than Miranda Priestly.

  • Grew up in a town with less than 150 people. Didn’t learn how to talk to strangers until college.

  • Has a degree in Health & Exercise Science but won’t judge you for downing 4 bags of Brownie Brittle.

  • Gets very emotional over anything remotely cute.

  • Consumes excessive quantities of diet ginger ale and sushi.

  • Has a phobia of kneecaps and bees, but respects the importance of both.

  • Almost flew out of a rollercoaster once.

Hope’s email appeared the day after our beloved Abigail left. It was the declaration of love Amy needed while snot-crying into her coffee cup. Hope was kind, professional and the closest you can be to militant about DIY wedding flowers. Amy tried to play it cool and appear aloof - as evidenced by the immediate next-day meeting she set up with Hope. She knew the second Hope walked in that she was gonna hire her. Then got nervous because she was afraid she’d turn down the job. It’s a rollercoaster having all of Amy’s feelings.

Hope's brilliant with flowers, design, color stories and styling! She's deeply creative and we cannot live without her brilliant ideas.