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DIY brides love dahlias for their unusual shapes, unexpected texture, and large size. Fresh cut bulk dahlia flowers are sold by the bunch (5 stems per bunch) and come in a variety of colors.

DAHLIA DISCLAIMER: Dahlias are basically Taylor Swift - you never know if they're going to be heaven on earth or vengeful AF. If you're smitten, it's best only when picking them up directly or accept the crapshoot they are.

(Now isn't that more fun than just saying, "Dahlias are not guaranteed so buyer beware?")

bulk dahlia wedding flower

Dahlia Accent Flower

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How much should I buy?

Dahlias are considered an 'Accent Flower'. Based on our design ratio suggestions, Accent Flowers typically account for approximately 20% of the total design.

Below is a general guide for Dahlias, which are sold by the bunch, 5 stems per bunch. Since Dahlias have a larger head 1-3 stems can be impactful. Keep in mind, this particular bloom is MAJORLY fussy, so buyer beware.


Bridal Bouquet: 2-5 stems

Bridesmaid Bouquets: 1-3 stems

Boutonnieres & Corsages:

N/A, typically too large



Centerpieces: 2-5 stems

Large arrangements: 10-20 stems