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DIY: How it Works

In a few simple steps, you'll be creating your own Pinterest-worthy flowers!

#1 Shop

Shop one of 3 ways and select your flowers. Don't be shy - treat this site like an Indian buffet on your cheat day!

bulk fresh wholesale flower packages
shop bulk fresh online wholesale flowers
personalized flower design for diy brides

#2 Check out

Add everything to your cart.

Select your shipping/pick up method.

Schedule your delivery 3 days before your wedding.

Make sure everything looks legit.


how shipping works

#3 Get Organized

Read. Learn. Plan.

We have every conceivable DIY resource and tutorial here so you know exactly what to expect and how to receive your flowers with jazz hands.  

diy flower resources
diy flower tutorials

#4 Get the Goods

You won’t be arranging on delivery day -

remember you’re 3 days out.

Pour yourself some wine, shut your pet in the other room, and prep your flowers to let them breathe/drink before tackling the design.

Drop the Mic

You. Are. Going. To. Flip. Over how gorgeous everything looks! Take pictures of the prep and your helpers in their sweats! Twerk in slo-mo with a rose in your mouth! EMAIL US EVERYTHING SO WE CAN BRAG YOU UP. These are solid gold memories that will make your wedding even more special!