Flower Instructions

What the heck do I do when I get my flowers???

First of all, back up.  You need to be well prepared and ready when you receive your flowers.  Being well prepared looks like this:

Gather up these items the week before your wedding so when the Fedex man shows up you’re not mowing him down, making a mad-dash into town in your UGG slippers to buy the items your Flower Moxie Fairy told you to buy the week before (it’s my story, I can be a fairy if I want).  But this is a crazy scenario that will never happen because Moxie clients are clever gals who are perfect in every way and will be well prepped and ready to go!

Ok, so, Fedex man shows up, and you drag in your big-ass box of flowers, you cut open the box, throw off the lid and low and behold you’re disappointed.  WHAAA??  Yup.  I said it.  Your flowers will be wrapped tight, the buds will be closed, and looking a little sleepy.  BUT DON’T FRET, THAT’S TOTALLY NORMAL.  Flowers are shipped fresh….like too fresh.  They need time, hydration, and room temperature to open.  Think about bananas. (Now the songs stuck in my head.  Thanks a lot, Gwen.)  You buy bananas a bit green so they can ripen and last a week, right?  If you bought them already ripe and at their peak, by the time you jumble them around and get them home they would already look bruised and mushy.  Am I right (I typically am)?!?!  Same goes for flowers…they are shipped fresh and closed so they will open and bloom at your house….and that’s why you get them 2-3 days before your wedding.  So boom. 

So now what????  You’ve got your flowers, here’s what you do:

**IMPORTANT**  Not every bud will be perfect.  I follow the 5% rule.  Meaning, out of 100 rose stems, 5 stems may break whilst unpacking, look a little too smushed, etc.  But don't let this stress you out!  It's totally normal and to be expected when dealing with live/fresh product.