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Flower Prep by #MoxieBrides

Flower prep work is the most IMPORTANT part of DIY'ing your wedding flowers. If the flower prep is bungled, then you can expect issues down the line.

These images were provided by past #moxiebrides, and they're great because:

  • You can see the inside of other people's homes (our favorite part)
  • You can see really amazing prep work
  • You can see some prep mistakes and our tips to correct issues before they happen.
  • You can see what our flowers look like before professional photos are taken. Transparent af, y'all.

PERFECTION! It's great to put delicates in their own vase!

SLAY, QUEEN!!!! You just blew our freaking mind with the genius waterproof tape grid!!!!!

Great job! You can crowd them more if you want to! Carnations are good about that!

Y'all are making me so proud! Keeping those anemones safe in their own little vase!

Lovely! Make sure the garage isn't too hot, flowers like cool temps!

Way to go on the Dusty Miller! They like their own short vase so their leaves don't get wet.

Anemones are perfection! The lavender could be cut shorter so they don't lean so far over.

PERFECT! Don't be afraid to crown greens.

PERFECT! Keep tall flowers in tall buckets.

Wonderful! The spray roses could use a little more room if you want them to open more.

Beautiful! You could put the Veronica in a taller vase and lean it upright in a corner to avoid more curve.

Lovely! You could cut the Veronica and Thistle shorter. Also, you can lean the Veronica in a corner to keep'em upright.

Perfect! Cut and hydrate the roses for 1 hour BEFORE removing cardboard. After one hour, remove wrapping and give'em room to open all big and fatty!

Lovely. You're welcome to crowd the greenery. Make sure you take off all wrapping and give'm room to fluff up.  

Perfect bucket, but spread the spray roses out a bit so they're not so stacked.

Perfect height of container for those ranunculus!

Simply perfection!


Wonderful job! You could combine the sprays if you want!

Lovely! Make sure you remove all wrapping, sweet pea!

Great way to handle ranunculus, they love their own small vase.

Wonderful, look how the great prep work opened those Juliet roses!

So pretty! You can remove the wrapping, however.

You can cut down any tall the baby's breath that's been on steroids.  

Beautiful! You can cut down the anemones so they are easier to work with.

Perfect, plenty of room!


So perfect!

Great job! You can cut down the length to make'em easier to work with later.

Perfection! Look at how well they opened with ample space!

These Romantic Antike Garden roses are more floppy by nature, so put them in a vase so they are more upright.  

Perfection! Nothing wrong with crowding the greenery.

A bit too crowded, space'em out, Sissy!

Very lovely! Keep an eye on the purple Lisianthus. They are a bit delicate so make sure they are not smushed in that big bin.



Wonderful job on the Tweedia! It's delicate so it loves it's own vase. Make sure it's not hot outside, though.  

So beautiful! You can cut those down if you'd like, however.  

Perfect, great job!

The roses are perfect! The ranunculus may perform better if placed in a smaller vase. You don't want the heads to touch the sides of the bucket. Don't keep them in the sun for too long.  

The roses are perfect! The ranunculus may perform better if placed in a smaller vase. You don't want the heads to touch the sides of the bucket.

The greenery looks great! You may want to put the Snapdragons more upright. The more the lean, the more they will curve. You can always lean them up in a corner wall.

Perfect way to store those Ranunculus!



Looks wonderful!