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Spoiler alert: YES!!!

If your eyelid is twitching and you imagine your DIY creation closely resembling a head of broccoli, STOP. Breathe. Yoga-pants up. No, not the cute LuLu ones you wear while throwing back shots of wheatgrass. The comfy ones with the grease stain.

Now you can focus when I say YES, you got this. Here’s why:

  • It isn't rocket science. It isn't even high school geometry (I failed, shame). You bunch together beautiful flowers, sip wine with your friends, and call it a day.
  • We've already done the hard part for you. Whether you order from our Collections, our Moxie Moodboards, or get a Custom Design, we sell you the flowers and craft the recipe (i.e. 7 stems of blush roses + 5 white anemones + 3 white hydrangea per bridesmaid bouquet).
  • You're not flying blind. We have videos, Instructions, FAQs. The finest hand-holding. You can honestly email us a photo saying, “Does this suck?!?!??!” And we will get you through it and back to proper punctuation usage.

Flower Moxie sells by the bunch (not by the box) and recommends flowers that are good for DIY/nervous hands.

Now you're thinking, "Great, how does it all work?"