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Tropical Nouveau Packages

Tropical Nouveau Packages

Tropical Nouveau Collection

Our Tropical Nouveau flower packages are perfect for a couple who is looking for a warm color palette with some tropical flair! This collection has a warm blend of peach and cream with small accents of pink and blue. Like our other tropical collection, we utilize a nice blend of tropical greens with traditional greens to make for easy building!

This package includes Juliet Garden Roses, Pink Ice Protea, White Dendrobium Orchids, Terracotta Carnations, White Lisianthus, Thistle, Robellini Palms, Monstera Leaves, and mixed ferns.

Each of our collections has three size options so you can select the perfect fit for you! The small package will give you enough flowers for building a bridal bouquet, 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, and 8-12 boutonnieres and corsages. Our medium fresh floral kit affords additional flowers for centerpieces, and our large fresh floral kit provides flowers for everything in the small and medium packages plus flowers for 2 ceremony urns or cages for a pergola/arch arrangement. These fresh floral kits make it easy to accomplish profession-level blooms with a DIY-friendly budget.

Fresh Floral Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Recipe

To build the bouquet shown, we used the following ingredients:

This bouquet was built with a floral chicken wire egg as seen in our customer-exclusive tutorials. This helps support the large size of the tropical leaves.

Fresh Floral Centerpiece

Fresh Floral Wedding Party Bouquet

Wedding Party Bouquet Recipe

Designer Tips for This Collection

Working With Orchids

Orchids are one of our favorite flowers, but they can feel intimidating to work with at times. The linear shape of the stem with many buds doesn't work for every design as-is. We've got some tricks to work them into your arrangements if you don't want them all on one stem.

Incorporating Orchid Buds in Your Design:

  • Even if you want to use the long stem of orchids in some parts of your design, odds are you'll need to pluck a few buds off the bottom. Don't throw these away, and keep a bit of a stem on them if possible.
  • If you want to disperse orchids through your arrangement, you will want to purchase some water tubes that have a faux stem attached to them. This allows your orchids to stay hydrated in the water tube, but still gives enough stem length to add them to your designs!
  • Utilize your orchid buds in boutonnieres and corsages! These are easy places to blend in your extra sprigs, and orchids hold up beautifully in these designs.
  • You can keep these short orchid buds fresh in the refrigerator if you're not ready to build with them right away. Just seal them in a container with some wet paper towel.

Orchids are easy to work with if you utilize them this way! They aren't too fragile, but you do want to avoid bruising their petals (which can cause browning). Just keep them from getting smashed, and you'll be all set!

Ready to make it yours?

Tropical Nouveau Packages

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