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  • Pun connoisseur.

  • New to the flower game but *blooming* more every day.

  • Prepared at any second with a Broad City reference.

  • Spends free time organizing colored pencils by color and mastering jigsaw puzzles.

  • La Croix drinker by day, sour beer and boxed wine drinker by night.

  • Gets excited about cleaning but can also trash a bedroom in .2 seconds just from picking out an outfit.

  • Avid Facebook marketplace scroller.

  • Always up for a game of Yahtzee.

  • Spends day waiting on someone to deliver an extra cup of coffee.

  • Has a twin and loves talking about it (yes, an identical twin!)

Remember Michael Scott’s feelings toward Ryan, and how he grew a beard because Ryan had one? That’s how Amy imprinted on Becca and why she now tries to dress in high-waisted pants and crop tops only to change back into Levi’s and Merona.

Amy’s first meeting with Becca sealed the deal: she was the perfect fit to wrangle FedEx and handle all things order-related. She’s bold, frank and friendly to a fault. Becca has a raucous laugh, is unafraid of yellow nail polish and can somehow make a $2 tee look expensive. Best of all, nothing is beneath her - on her first day, Becca arranged flowers, volunteered to pick up lunch and didn’t bat an eye when asked to lay face-down in a pile of blooms. Amy loves her so much that she keeps hinting around at matching tats.