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Golden Hour Packages

Golden Hour Packages

Golden Hour Collection

Our Golden Hour flower packages are perfect for couples who want a very unique, romantic style for their DIY wedding flowers! Mauve tones have been increasingly popular, and we're so excited to offer this truly special collection!

We love this blend of mauve, pink, gold, mustard, and cream. It reminds us of a gorgeous sunset, which is where it's name comes from! This package includes Amnesia Roses, Cappuccino Roses, Golden Mustard Roses, White Lisianthus, Brown Lisianthus, Terracotta Carnations, Gunni Eucalyptus, Baby Eucalyptus, & Leatherleaf Fern.

Each of our collections has three size options so you can select the perfect fit for you! The small package will give you enough flowers for building a bridal bouquet, 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, and 8-12 boutonnieres and corsages. Our medium fresh floral kit affords additional flowers for centerpieces, and our large fresh floral kit provides flowers for everything in the small and medium packages plus flowers for 2 ceremony urns or cages for a pergola/arch arrangement. These fresh floral kits make it easy to accomplish profession-level blooms with a DIY-friendly budget.

Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build the bouquet shown, we used the following ingredients:

Approximately 2 yards of Antique Mauve Satin Ribbon was used on this bouquet.

Fresh Floral Centerpiece

Centerpiece Recipe

Fresh Floral Ceremony Arrangement

Ceremony Arrangement Recipe

To build the arrangement shown, we used the following:

This arrangement was built using a 9" lomey bowl, wet floral foam, & waterproof floral tape.

Designer Tips for This Collection

Reflexing Your Blooms For Larger Impact

This collection comes with several specialty blooms which is what gives it the unique colors and style! To make the absolute most of your money here, we encourage you to reflex some of your blooms to help them look large and in charge!

Here are some tips for reflexing:

  • There's no need to reflex every bloom. We want to use this method strategically so it creates impact and catches the eye!
  • Blooms that reflex well: standard roses, tulips, & lisianthus.
  • Be gentle with your petals as you reflex.
  • Reflex your blooms after they are a day or two old. When they are fresh out of the packaging they will be more stiff and tight. They need some time to bloom first.
  • Watch our video on reflexing a rose to get started!

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Golden Hour Packages

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