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Classic Hydrangea DIY Package

Classic Hydrangea DIY Package

Hydrangea and garden rose bridal bouquet

Classic Hydrangea Collection

Our Classic Hydrangea collection is stunning and timeless. We understand not every couple is into organic vibes, and that's just fine because Mother Nature seems to be taste inclusive and has a flower for every style!

In the Classic Hydrangea Collection we have paired large, white fluffy hydrangea, Alabaster or O'Hara garden roses, cream spray roses, ranunculus, Escimo roses, and soft touches of seeded eucalyptus greenery. It's a beautiful, classic palette that can easily be customized to have soft blush, lavender, peach, blue, or yellow embellishments.  

Although all flowers included in the package are hardy and long-lasting, it's important to remember to keep the hydrangea bouquet in water when it is not being used, as hydrangeas are known water-lovers!  

Classic Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Hydrangea and garden rose bridal bouquet round bouquet
Ohara Romeo garden roses
White Hydrangea and White garden rose bridal bouquet round

Classic Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build this bouquet, we started off with the following elements:  


garden rose and white hydrangea bridal bouquet

Classic Hydrangea Bridesmaid Bouquet

Hydrangea and rose DIY bridesmaid bouquet
Hydrangea and rose DIY bridesmaid bouquet

Classic Hydrangea Bridesmaid Recipe

For the bridesmaid bouquet, we started with the following elements:


Flower Moxie DIY hydrangea and rose bridesmaid bouquet

Classic Hydrangea Centerpiece

hydrangea and rose and lemon leaf rounded centerpiece compote
hydrangea and rose centerpiece white vase
hydrangea and rose centerpiece white vase

Full-Sized Hydrangea Centerpiece

To create a centerpiece using a vessel that is 5-6'' in width, we suggest the following:


hydrangea and rose centerpiece white vase

Designer Tips for This Collection

I never get tired of mounds and mounds of white, fluffy hydrangeas! Although I tend to lean a little asymmetrical, this style is beyond stunning in wedding photos and a true classic. Much like Carolyn Bassettee-Kennedy.

What is brilliant about this collection is you can leave it as-is, or add your own specific, unique spin on the design. When building this type of wedding style, I have often added one or more of the following elements based on my client's taste:

Ready to make it yours?

Classic Hydrangea Collection

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Hydrangea and Rose with salal and eucalyptus wedding ceremony urn floral arrangement
White Hydrangea and Garden Rose DIY Wedding Flower Package
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