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Terracotta Package

Terracotta Package

Terracotta bridal bouquet

Terracotta Collection

Our Terracotta flower packages are perfect for couples who want a neutral, earthy color palette but still want something a little more unique! Terracotta tones have been increasingly popular, and this collection has quickly become a best seller.

We love this blend of terracotta, brown, gold, and beige tones. You can best achieve this look with a mixture of fresh and dried flowers. This package includes Sahara Roses, Terracotta Carnations, Peach Ranunculus, Golden Mustard Roses, Cream Spray Roses, Bleached/Dried Italian Ruscus, Leatherleaf Fern, Gunni Eucalyptus, and Baby Eucalyptus.

Each of our collections has three size options so you can select the perfect fit for you! The small package will give you enough flowers for building a bridal bouquet, 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, and 8-12 boutonnieres and corsages. Our medium fresh floral kit affords additional flowers for centerpieces, and our large fresh floral kit provides flowers for everything in the small and medium packages plus flowers for 2 ceremony urns or cages for a pergola/arch arrangement. These fresh floral kits make it easy to accomplish profession-level blooms with a DIY-friendly budget.

Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquet

Terracotta bridal bouquet
Terracotta bridal bouquet
terracotta bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build the bouquet shown, we used the following ingredients:

Approximately 2 yards of Copper Satin Ribbon was used on this bouquet.


terracotta bridal bouquet

Fresh Floral Centerpiece

terracotta floral centerpiece
terracotta floral centerpiece
terracotta floral centerpiece

Centerpiece Recipe

To build the centerpiece shown, we used the following ingredients:

This was built in a 6" Terracotta Resin Bowl using floral chicken wire and waterproof tape.


terracotta floral centerpiece

Fresh Floral Arch Arrangement

terracotta floral arch arrangement
terracotta floral arch arrangement
terracotta floral ceremony arrangement

Arch Arrangement Recipe

To build the arrangement attached at the top of the arch, we used the following:

This arrangement was built using a Large Wet Foam Cage and secured using zip ties.


terracotta floral arch arrangement

Designer Tips for This Collection

Working With Challenging Color Palettes

Color palettes like this one can be challenging because there aren't a huge variety of natural flowers that come in these colors. Some that do come in these tones are often seasonal to the fall months. However, there are ways that you can achieve this beautiful terracotta palette all year round.

Here are some easy ways to control a tricky color palette:

  • Focus on the things you can easily control to guarantee color. We know Mother Nature can throw curveballs, and colors of natural product can vary at times. Some items you can easily control are: wardrobe of your wedding party, linens for tables and decor, candles, and assorted decor. These items don't fluctuate like a fresh flower can!
  • Snag some Design Master! Design Master is a spray paint that is safe for use on fresh flowers. There's a wide variety of colors, and a light mist can help correct the color if something comes in a little off.
  • Incorporate dried items. Dried items are often artificially dyed so their color is predictable. They look especially amazing with earthy color palettes like this one.
  • Embrace some variety. You don't want everything to be the exact same shade. Varieties of textures, colors, and shades gives your arrangement depth and interest. Don't stress if it's not all exactly the same. It will look amazing when you put it together!
  • Remember that your photographer can help do some color correcting in your images! Even if something is slightly brighter than you wanted, I'd bet you it's going to look really toned down in the photos.

You've got this! If you have any concerns, reach out to us about it!

Ready to make it yours?

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terracotta diy wedding flower package
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