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Boho DIY Package

Boho DIY Package

BOHO Bridal Bouquet

The BOHO Collection

Introducing our Boho fresh wedding floral packages which is a mix of sandy Sahara roses, Golden Mustard roses, Pink Ice Protea, Terracotta carnations, Brown Lisianthus, and several eucalyptuses. These fresh floral kits for DIY brides are the easiest way to bring the polished look of a professional floral design together with a DIY-friendly budget.

We've selected a gorgeous mix of blooms to give your design the perfect combination luxury and affordable blooms. This fresh DIY flower package also can be accented with Spice Burnt Sun Palm Fans and dried Pampas Grasses. This Boho wedding palette has earthy vibes, and loads of fun texture that can easily be paired with a macramé triangle arch, Turkish rugs, and a VW bus to complete the bohemian vibe.

The small package will give you enough flowers for building a bridal bouquet, 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, and 8-12 boutonnieres and corsages. Our medium fresh floral kit affords additional flowers for centerpieces, and our large fresh floral kit provides flowers for everything in the small and medium packages plus flowers for 2 ceremony urns or cages for a pergola/arch arrangement.

BOHO Fresh Flower Bridal Bouquet

Bohemian Bridal Bouquet Fresh Flowers
Boho Wedding Flowers DIY Bouquet
Boho Protea Bridal Bouquet

Boho Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build this bouquet, we started off with the following elements:  

***This is our starting recipe, for the shoot we added embellishments of Spice Burnt Sun Palm Fans and Pampas Grass.

Flower Elements

Beige Sand Sahara Roses
Red Clay Design Master Toffee Roses Golden Mustard Roses
Pink Ice Protea

Boho Bridesmaid Bouquet Recipe

To build a Boho bridesmaid bouquet, start with the following:


Spice Burnt Sun Palm Fans

Boho Fresh Flower Centerpiece

BoHo Fresh Flower Centerpiece
Golden mustard sahara peach ranunculus boho centerpiece
brown lisianthus burnt sun palm boho centerpiece

Boho Fresh Floral Centerpiece

To create a centerpiece using a vessel that is 5-6'' in width, we suggest the following:

***This is our starting recipe, for the shoot we added embellishments of Spice Burnt Sun Palm Fans, Pampas Grass, 1-2 Golden Mustard roses, and sprayed out some of the Leather Leaf with Copper Design Master.

Boho Bridal Bouquet

Designer Tips for This Collection

Boho is cannot be boxed in with one specific color palette, it's more of a free-flowing style and feeling! When searching Pinterest for 'Wedding Boho Vibes' you will probably see many color expressions, and that's fine by us! Our take on the color story leaned more mustard and terracotta with pops of plum brown lisianthus and deep Pink Ice protea. As a designer, I think the ultimate goal is to achieve T-E-X-T-U-R-E when creating this look.  

The foundation recipe for the package is solid, but as a designer, here are elements I personally enjoy adding or having on hand:

  • Copper Design Master
  • Dried Bunny Tail Grass
  • Dried Pamapas Grass
  • Spice Burnt Sun Palm Fans
  • A few extra Golden Mustard or Toffee roses
  • Optional: Pump up the plum vibe and make it moody with some Deep Violet Ranunculus

Ready to make it yours?

Boho Fresh Flower DIY Package

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Boho Mustard and Peach Wedding Flowers
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