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Autumn and Fall DIY Wedding Package

Autumn and Fall DIY Wedding Package

Autumn and Fall Bridal Bouquet

Autumn and Fall Collection

Introducing our Fall and Autumn Collections, a mix of deep burgundy, rust, copper, bronze, and soft accents of terracotta and sandy tones. These fresh floral kits for DIY brides are the easiest way to bring the polished look of a professional floral design together with a DIY-friendly budget.

We've selected a gorgeous mix of blooms to give your design the perfect combination luxury and affordable blooms. This fresh DIY flower package uses deep burgundy scabiosa, copper and bronze creamones, beige Sahara roses which visually pulls together the perfect Autumn color palette. Since every design should have some texture, we added sprigs of dusty blue thistle flower and whispy burgundy agonis greenery to add depth and dimension to the arrangement.

The small package will give you enough flowers for building a bridal bouquet, 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, and 8-12 boutonnieres and corsages. Our medium fresh floral kit affords additional flowers for centerpieces, and our large fresh floral kit provides flowers for everything in the small and medium packages plus flowers for 2 ceremony urns or cages for a pergola/arch arrangement.

Fresh Floral DIY Bridal Bouquet

Autumn Bridal Bouquet DIY
Copper and Rust Fall Bridal Bouquet
Copper and Bronze Wedding Flower Bouquet

Autumn Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build the bridal bouquet, we started off with the following recipe:

***In this shoot, we had a few flower substitutions for the recipe above due to Covid.


Fall Wedding Colors Triangle Arch

Flower Elements

Copper Rust Cremone Flower
terracotta carnations toffee roses and golden mustard roses
Burgundy Scabiosa Flower

Bridesmaid Bouquet Receipe

Here's our suggested recipe to create a Fall Bridesmaid Bouquet:

***In this shoot, we had a few flower substitutions for the recipe above due to Covid.


dried phalaris burnt oak

Fresh Floral Fall and Autumn Centerpiece

Fall and Autumn Wedding Centerpiece
Fall and Autumn Centerpiece
Golden Mustard and Cremone Autumn Centerpiece

Full-Size Autumn Centerpiece Recipe

To create a centerpiece using a vessel that is 5-6'' in width, we suggest the following:

***In this shoot, we had a few flower substitutions for the recipe above due to Covid.


Bud Vases Copper and Bronze Flowers

Designer Tips for This Collection

Burnt orange, toffee, rust, copper, bronze, and golden mustard tones are tricky to find outside of Fall months. To be specific, finding these colors outside of September, October, and November will be slim pickins.

However, while it's not easy, it IS figureoutable with a few tips and tricks. As a designer, if I needed to achieve an Autumn palette outside Autumn months this is what I'd reach for:

  • Dried Burnt Oak Setaria Grass
  • Dried Burnt Orange Autumn Baby Eucalyptus
  • Dried Burgundy Baby Eucalyptus
  • Chocolate Dried Bunny Tail Grass
  • Burgundy Carnations
  • Burgundy Scabiosa
  • Golden Mustard Roses
  • Sahara Roses
  • Toffee Roses
  • Terracotta Carnations
  • Agonis
  • Burgundy Design Master
  • Red Clay Design Master
  • Copper Design Master
  • Copper Double-faced Satin Ribbon
  • Optional: Orange Ranunculus **I say optional because they can be a strong orange and may disrupt the copper/bronze palette.

As you can see I'd rely heavily on dried elements, roses, carnations, a few luxury blooms, and above all, Design Master to control my Fall and Autumn Color Story.



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The Autumn and Fall DIY Collection

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