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Peaches and Coral- Small Package

$ 360.00
What You Can Make and Approximate Cost Per Item:
  • 1 Large Bridal Bouquet- $120
  • 5-6 Bridesmaid Bouquets- $38 each
  • 8-12 Bouts and Corsages- $4 each

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What You Get:
  • 12 Stems- Juliet Garden Roses
  • 25 Stems- Shimmer Peach Roses
  • 20 Stems- Peach Ranunculus
  • 20 Stems- Cream Spray Roses
  • 25 Stems- Coral Roses
  • 20 Stems- Peach Hypericum Berries
  • 2 Bunches- Seeded Eucalyptus
  • 1 Bunch- Salal Tips

Suggested Recipe:

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet: 6 Juliet garden roses, 5-6 Shimmer roses, 5-6 peach ranunculus, 3-5 cream spray roses, 5-6 Coral Moviestar or Amsterdamn roses, 3-5 peach hypericum berries, sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and salal.
  • 4-5 Bridesmaid Bouqets:  1 Juliet garden rose, 3 Shimmer roses, 2-3 peach ranunculus, 2 cream spray roses, 3 Coral roses, 2 peach hypericum berries, sprigs of seeded euc and salal.
  • Bouts or Corsages:  I average 1-2 spray rose buds per bout, and 3 buds per corsage.  Add sprigs of peach berries and your favorite green!  I like to save a ranunculus for the groom's bout to make his special!  

Here's our Peaches and Coral Pinterest Board that inspired this combination of flowers.  We hand-selected predictable and year-round flowers that will be easy to work with and give you the same or similar vibe that's happening within these moodboards to take the guess-work out of it!

The Pinterest Inspo links are not an exact replica but a great visual image of similar colors and flowers pulled together to help with the "...but what's it all gonna look like together?" question.