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Mamy Blue Garden Rose - 12 Stems

$ 65.00

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CATEGORY:  Garden Rose
COLORS:  Purple Berry, Slightly Blueberry
SPECIAL CARE NOTES:  Upon receiving your roses, leave on the cardboard sleeve, give them a fresh cut, and place them in water for 2-4 hours BEFORE removing the packaging sleeve.  Upon removing the sleeve and packaging, I recommend for you to put them in a sunny spot so they open to their full capacity by your wedding day!  Also, you will remove 2-4 of the outer petals known as 'guard petals'.  It is not uncommon for these to look spotted and unfavorable...thus why they are to be removed.  

Images are used by permission of Rosaprima for information purposes only. Rosaprima roses are strictly sold through reputable wholesalers nationwide. Rosaprima does not sell its product to retailers nor to the general public.