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FLOWER MOXIE'S RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Flower Availability and Wedding Postponements
white hydrangea flower

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Fresh White Hydrangea Flowers by the Bunch

DIY brides love hydrangea due to their size, shape, and fluffiness! They take up a lot of space which is very cost effective when creating large-scale arrangements  

  • Stem Count: 1 stem
  • Color: White or Cream
  • Season:  Year Round
  • Flower Design Type: Volume Flower
  • Special Care Note: Hydrangeas are WATER LOVERS so make sure there's enough in your buckets and vases.  
  • Pros/Cons
  • Flower Care
  • Quantity Help

Pros/Cons of Hydrangea Flowers for Weddings

Big, beautiful and full of fluffy volume, hydrangeas are a super popular choice for DIY brides. Our white and cream blossoms offer an especially elegant look for your big day. Here’s what to consider before adding hydrangeas to your bridal bouquet and other arrangements:

  • Pros: These beauties offer great size and volume for your arrangements. They take up space, are durable and are long-lasting.

  • Cons: Hydrangeas love water and don’t like heat, so they need to be arranged with a water source and hydrated when you’re not holding the bouquet.
  • Give the stems a fresh cut, and place in cool water.
  • Remove leaves below waterline.
  • Hydrangeas are WATER LOVERS so fill buckets over half full. If using in floral foam, best to place your hydrangeas the day of and dip cut stems in Alum before sticking into foam. Alum is a preservative sold in the spice section of a grocery store.

Hydrangeas are considered an 'Volume Flower'. Based on our design ratio suggestions here's our quantity recommendation:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 5-7 stems
  • Maids:  2-3 stems
  • Bouts:  N/A
  • Corsages: N/A
  • Centerpieces: 3-5 stems
  • Large Arrangements: 10-15 stems

DIY’ing your wedding? We got you- sweet pea! Our brides love hydrangeas because they’re extremely cost effective. White hydrangeas are wonderfully versatile in centerpieces and large scale wedding arrangements. We firmly believe in just buying a bunch of bulk white hydrangeas and filling up your centerpieces with ‘em.

Known as a “volume flower,” these blossoms are perfect for filling out bouquets. Because of their big, beautiful blooms, hydrangeas are best for bigger arrangements — and won’t work for corsages or boutonnieres. Use white hydrangeas in your:

  • Bridal bouquet: What could be better than a blooming bride with a big, blooming bouquet? Use five to seven stems for your own signature arrangement.
  • Bridesmaid bouquets: Let your bridesmaids stand out with two to three white hydrangea stems in their bouquets.
  • Centerpieces and large arrangements: Their full blooms make hydrangeas a perfect addition to table centerpieces and other big arrangements.

When you want to make a big impression with graceful blooms, white hydrangeas will take everyone’s breath away. Add these gems to your cart and check out our other blooms today!