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Bleached Dried White Italian Ruscus

$ 28.00

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  • Stem Count:  5 Stems, Grower's Bunch
  • Season:  All-year, but limited availability.
  • Color:  White and Cream, can have some slight brown discoloration upclose
  • Description:  Bleached, dried white Italian Ruscus.  Very lovey and easy to work with.  No water required.  
  • Flower Care: No water required, but you will probably need to 'fluff' the greenery and spread out the stems, as it's been dried flat.  
  • What's Good About 'Em? What's Bad About 'Em?
    • The Good Stunning, dried, easy to work with!  
    • The Bad:  Limited availability, and can have a strong, slightly chemical smell when initially opened.
  • Quantity Help
    • Bouquets:  1/2 bunch for bridal.  1/3-1/4 per maid
    • Bouts and Corsages:  1 stem per bout
    • Mason Jar size arrangement:  1/6 bunch per jar  
    • Short Vase:  1/5 per vase
    • Large Ceremony Urn:  2-3 bunches per urn
    • Pergola Cage:  2-3 bunches per cage
    • Chair Florals:  1/4 per chair