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$ 17.50

Stem Count:  Grower's Bunch.  Large bunch sizes.  Averages 6-10 main stems with many branching stems.

Description:  Thin, whispy, feathered leaves. Deep burgundy or dark in color.  Very large growers bunch.

Why Amy loves it:  Large bunch size never hurts!  But I really love the texture it provides and the deep tones.  I love using it in a moodier color palette.

Great Choice For:  Brides that like a whimsical, organic look.  Fall weddings.  Moody wedding colors.

Season/Availability:  Fall, Winter, and early Spring Months.  Agonis has a very specific look and feel, so it's not easy to substitute.  If you order and it's unavailable, we will send more of the same greens that is already in your order. 

Quantity:  Almost all greens are packaged by weight as a 'Grower's Bunch' so there isn't a true stem count like roses, for instance.  Our photos are the closest representation of the average bunch size for each specific greenery.  

  • As a florist, here's my estimates for this particular greenery:

    • Bouquets:  1/6 bunch per bouquet
    • Bouts and Corsages:  1 stem per bout
    • Mason Jar size arrangement:  1/6 bunch per jar  
    • Short Vase:  1/5 per vase
    • Large Ceremony Urn:  1 bunch per urn
    • Pergola Cage:  1 bunch per cage
    • Chair Florals:  1/4 per chair