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Real talk: Did you like us?

Be our truth serum! Your feedback keeps us humble and hustlin' while helping future brides know what to expect. Imagine going back in time to pre-Moxie you and reading things like "Hey, this wasn't so hard!" and "Shiz, I arranged beautiful bouquets when I was capital D drunk."

Funny stories, suggestions, light-bulb moments you had along the way – we'll graciously take it all!



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If you're really feeling all the feels and wanna write a post about your DIY experience on Reddit that goes a long way!

If you go the Reddit route Amy will send you something groovy via post.... could be her handmade pottery, or a candle with a dinosaur skeleton inside, for sure weird, but oh-so-worth it! Just be sure to email your post's link to

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1 - Akuatwu

2 - Sara Miller Photography

3 - Aaryn Storms