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For The DIY MVPs!!!


You’re here because you’re an incredible human being and volunteered to help your bestie DIY her or his blooms!  

You may be over-the-moon excited to get Spanx deep in fresh flowers or you may be asking, “Ummm, so you really want to DIY your own wedding flowers? Ok, I’m going to support you just like you supported me when I went back to my ex for the 7th time….” .

Either way, you’re here, we’re here, and we’re going to make this as easy and fun as possible!

When it comes to DIY, there are 3 different jobs:

1. Flower Prep and Processing (most important)

2. Flower Design (most fun)

3. Flower Transport (you're the real MVP)

Figure out which one you've been assigned to help with and read up below!

Job #1:   Unpacking Flowers, Processing, and Prep Work

Unboxing fresh, unprocessed flowers feels a lot like Christmas morning when you were a kid... nerve-racking, deliriously exciting, messy af, and in the end, underwhelming. TOTALLY NORMAL. While it feels dicey at first, the right prep leads to BALLER blooms!

This is not a job to take lightly, and in our humble and experienced opinion, the most important DIY job to get right.

Watch the detailed, slightly long-winded video below to ensure you don't miss a step in the prep work.

Job #2:   Flower Design

After the flowers have been processed and had a day to open, it's time to start designing! This is where you and your besties huddle around the dining room table, sip boxed wine, build bouquets, and rap Cardi B.

Below are a few helpful videos and here's a link to Flower Moxie's Youtube channel if you'd like to watch more.

Helpful Video Tutorials

How to Make Boutonnieres

How to Make Bridesmaid Bouquets

How to Make Centerpieces

Greening Out a Centerpiece

Large Ceremony Urns

Hydration 101

Job #3: Transporting to the Venue


I don't think you quite realize how much you are trusted! Hauling a Prius full of blooms across town to the venue makes you the real MVP!  


Here's a handy printable full of Transportation Tips!