How Does It All Work?

You have three choices:
Flower Moxie Collections
We comb Pinterest boards and curate looks that cost much less than a used Honda. Ordering from our Collections eliminates guesswork and saves you money. Just order the quantity you need. We ship you the flowers and you put them together!
Flowers by the Bunch
Maybe you’re salty and brilliant and don’t need help with quantities, or you don’t like our Collections. (*Weeps into wine glass and drinks tears.) You can totally shop for flowers by the bunch.
Custom Design
We hop on the phone for about 30 minutes to ogle Pinterest together, and I’ll come back with a cart and recipe (and give you tons of unsoclicted advice). I charge a $35 courtesy fee, which is totally refundable if you’re not happy with the designs. This is a great approach if you want something cray like an Edward Scissorhands topiary.