How Does It All Work?

You have three choices.

  1. Flower Moxie Collections:  We know what brides like (we look at your Pinterest boards for a living), and we also know you're trying to achieve this look without spending as much as you would on a used Honda.  Our collections are popular designs that are cost-friendly.  Ordering from our Collections takes out the guesswork because what you see is what you get.  Just order the quantity you need, we will ship you the flowers, and you put them together!

  2. Shop Flowers:  Let's say you want to add on a few extra bunches of your favorite flowers to our Collections.  Or let's say you're naturally brilliant and don't need our help figuring out how much you need.  OR, let's say you don't like our Collections (No, my feelings aren't hurt.....not one bit....I'll be fine after I cry into my glass of wine and drink my own tears).  If any of these scenarios apply, then you can just shop flowers by the bunch.  Pretend you are wandering through a Paris flower market, and just throw those jewels into your basket!

  3. Custom Quote:  For $20 bucks we will have a 20-30 minute phone consultation, look at your personal Pinterest page (or pictures), and give you two custom quotes.  This is great for brides that have a complicated design, need advice, flowers for a wedding arch or installation, or simply wants a completely custom design and some extra reassurance.  **If you're not happy with your custom design, I'll happily refund your $20 bones!**

Ok, so once you decide what route is best, this is what you're going to do when you get your flowers!