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The Dirty Details

(yet pleasantly clean)

This is our fatty DIY Resource Page and its purpose is to instill confidence. Like shave-words-into-the-back-of-your-head confident.

We've broken the DIY phases into bite-sized videos with tandem PDFs to guide you on your DIY journey.

Pardon our mouth-breathing and remember, we are here to:

• Make the DIY process transparent and unintimidating so you’re not sweating like a donkey and cursing like a pre-teen.

• Encourage you every step of the way (unlike when your mani/pedi tech suggests an upper lip wax on 3 SEPARATE OCCASIONS)

Phase 1: Dip your toes in the water

Is DIY Right for You?

Determine Your Budget

Realistic DIY Expectations

How To Shop Our Site

Phase 2: Getting started the right way

Make a Killer Pinterest Board

When to Place Order and Receive Flowers???

Floral Design 101

How Much Should I Buy?

Phase 3: You are sooo doing this - now get organized!

Supply Checklist

The Best Vases and Mechanics

How Many Buckets?

Wedding Week Schedule

Phase 4: You have your flowers - prep so right

Flower Prep 101

Flower Substitutes

Troubleshooting Fussy Blooms

Rose Care 101

Miscellaneous Questions

Why The $350 Order Minimum?

Shipping vs. Pick-up

Refund Policies

Refrigeration: Yes or No??

Destination Wedding 101

Transporting Your Flowers

Picking Up at Wholesale: What's it like?