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Custom Design

I don't know about you, but when I go to the salon I inevitably wag in a picture I found on Pinterest of some adorable girl wearing the perfect flannel shirt who has the perfect layers and ombre hair....I then proceed to obnoxiously show said picture to my stylist about 18 times.  Point is, we all have that one 'inspiration' picture....and that's picture that we're going to design your wedding flowers around, while making it unique to you!

Here's why you may want a custom design:

  • Our Collections aren't tripping your trigger.  

  • The flowers you so desire aren't on our site. We can get any flower you need, but choose to limit selections based on flower hardiness and popularity 

  • You have an elaborate design, need more variation, or need to build an installation.

  • You're Nervous Nelly and would feel better if a professional oversaw the process

Here's what is included in a Custom Design:  

  • We review your Pinterest page or submitted pictures of the design you're trying to achieve.

  • 30 minute phone consultation with Amy McCord or Dee Hankins. In this meeting, we will go over specifics of your desired budget, desired flowers, vase sizes, altar arrangements, etc.  She will offer substitutions (if needed) and any other advice to help you achieve a swoon-worthy wedding.

  • We send you a cart and follow that up with a quote breakdown email breaking out the calculations.  For example, in each centerpiece you will use 4 white hydrangea, 6 blush roses, 3 anemones, sprigs of seeded eucalyptus....thus making it easy as friggin jello! Notice, I did not say 'easy as pie' because lets face this together, homemade pie isn't easy** 


**If you're not happy with your custom design, I will happily refund you.**