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Curly Willow - Tips

DIY brides love fresh Curly Willow Branches to add height and texture to their large arrangements and centerpieces! Fresh cut Curly Willow is sold by the bunch (10 stems per bunch), has a flexible structure, and adds a lovely texture to any arrangement.

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Stem Count: 10 stems
Season: All Year
Color: Brown
Description: Tips are 3-4 ft in length. Curved branches that are flexible.
Design Type: Texture

The Good: Curly Willow is a lovely, bendable branch. It is versatile and can be used as a texture element, or, in large quantities, to create an arch.

The Bad: We can't think of any negatives! It's very predictable!

Give stems a fresh cut and place in cool water. They are fine to leave out of water, but may not be as flexible when dried.

Curly Willow Branches are considered a "Texture" element. Based on our design suggestions, here are our recommended quantities:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 3-4 stems
  • Maids: 2-3 stems
  • Bouts: N/A
  • Corsages: N/A
  • Centerpieces: 5-7 stems
  • Large Arrangements: 1-2 bunches

There are no obvious substitutes for Curly Willow Branches, but we will sub with a similar branching item depending on availability.