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Blush and Cream Package

Blush and Cream Package

Blush & Cream Collection

Our incredibly romantic blush and cream DIY fresh floral kits embody everything our DIY couples are searching for in wedding flowers! This color combination remains one of our most popular wedding color palettes due to its soft color combinations that will never go out of style.

We've built these packages in three sizes so you'll find the perfect one for your wedding. Soft blush pink Secret Garden roses and creamy-blush O'Hara Garden roses are the stars of this show, giving your bouquet truly luxury blooms. We've added pink lisianthus flowers to pull in more of that soft pink element and round it out with white ranunculus flowers, white lisianthus flowers, and white carnation flowers for a perfect textural masterpiece!

Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Recipe

To build the bouquet shown, we used the following ingredients:

This bouquet was built in a floral chicken wire egg with a rubber band to secure the stems.

Fresh Floral Bridesmaid Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet Recipe

Fresh Floral Centerpiece

5-6" Centerpiece Recipe

To build the centerpiece shown, we used the following:

This arrangement was built in a 6" diameter vase with floral chicken wire and waterproof floral tape.

Designer Tips for This Collection

Reflexing Blooms

Want a tip that will help make your flowers go further? Try reflexing some of your blooms!

We love the look of reflexed flowers as it helps increase their size and visual impact in the design. This technique gives the flowers a unique texture and shape that stands out in your arrangements.

What does it mean to reflex your flowers? This is a technique of manipulating the petals by folding them back on themselves. You can do this with many flower types, but our favorites are standard roses, lisianthus, and tulips.

When folding back the petals, you want to keep a few things in mind:

  • You don't want to do this to a rose that hasn't had any time to open. If this the rose is really tight, you may damage the petals. Let them soften up and open a bit before reflexing. This will help the petals hold this shape better as well.
  • Be gentle! These are soft, delicate petals. You just want to be careful with them as you reflex.
  • Just reflex a few. This will help them stand out and be a bit more unique in your designs. Less is more!

Watch our video on how to reflex a rose here!

Ready to make it yours?

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