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Dusty Blue and Cream- Large Package

$ 875.00
What You Can Make and Approximate Cost Per Item:
  • 1 Large Bridal Bouquet- $110
  • 4-5 Bridesmaid Bouquets- $35 each
  • 8-12 Bouts and Corsages- $3 each
  • 2 Ceremony Urns or Cages for Pergola- $90 each
  • Centerpiece Options (Pick One Style OR Mix and Match):
    • 10 Centerpieces using a 5-6'' Vase Diameter- $34 each
    • 22-25 Mason Jar or 3'' Vase-  $14 each
    • 50-60 Budvases, 1-2'' Diameter- $6 each

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What You Get:
  • 50 stems- Escimo Roses
  • 20 stems- White Ranunculus
  • 40 stems- Cream Spray Roses
  • 50 stems- Blue Tweedia
  • 4 bunches- Seeded Eucalpytus
  • 4 bunches- Gunni Eucalpytus
  • 2 bunch- Baby Blue Eucalyptus
  • 4 bunch- Thistle
  • 30 stems- Light Blue Hydrangea
  • 25 stems- White Carnations
  • 10 stems- White Hydrangea
  • 2 bunches- Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  • 20 stems- Light Blue Delphinium

Suggested Recipe:

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet: 7-10 Escimo roses, 5-7 white ranunculus, 3-5 cream spray roses, 3-5 blue tweedia, sprigs of thistle, seeded, gunni, and baby blue eucalyptus.  Pinterest Inspo Pic
  • 4-5 Bridesmaid Bouquets:  3-4 Escimo roses, 3 white eucalyptus, 2 cream spray roses, 2-3 blue tweedia, sprigs of thistle, seeded, gunni, and baby blue euc.
  • Bouts or Corsages:  I average 1-2 spray rose buds per bout, and 3 buds per corsage.  Add sprigs thistle, and your favorite green!  I like to save a ranunculus for the groom's bout to make his special!  
  • 2 Ceremony Urns or 2 Pergola Cages:  Green out with 1 bunch of silver dollar and 1 bunch of baby blue euc per urn or cage.  Then add 5 white hydrangea, 5 blue hydrangea, 10 stems of light blue delphinium per urn/cage.  Pinterest Inspo Pic
  • 10 Centerpieces, 5'' diameter Vase:  Lightly green first with gunni, seeded, and baby euc.  Add 2 blue hydrangeas on opposite sides.  Then back-fill with more greenery and 2-3 Escimo roses, 2 white carnations, 2 cream spray roses, 3 blue tweedia, sprigs of and thistle
  • 18-22 Mason Jar or 3'' Vase:  1-2 blue hydrangeas, 1-2 Escimo roses, 1-2 white carnations, 1 cream spray rose, 1-2 blue tweedia, thistle, gunni, baby blue, and seeded euc.
  • 50-60 Budvases:  Each one will look different.  I average 2-3 blooms per bud vase and a sprig of green.  These are the flower allotted for budvases:  20 blue hydrangea, 25 escimo roses, 20 cream spray roses, 3 bunches of blue tweedia, 2 bunches of thistle, 25 white carnations, 1 bunch of baby euc, 2 bu of gunni euc, and 2 bu seeded euc

    Here's our Dusty Blue and Cream Pinterest Board that inspired this combination of flowers.  We hand-selected predictable and year-round flowers that will be easy to work with and give you the same or similar vibe that's happening within these moodboards to take the guesswork out of it!

    The Pinterest Inspo links are not an exact replica but a great visual image of similar colors and flowers pulled together to help with the "...but what's it all gonna look like together?" question.