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Carnations- Apricot

$ 27.00

Bunch size: 25 stems

**I can't decide if these buggers are orange or peach, so I went the apricot.

Description:  Ruffled petals, extremely hardy and durable, light fragrance.  

Notes:  Let's face it, carnations haven't been the most popular bud, but I love 'em!  Reason being the price, color variations, hardiness, predictability, and the ruffly petals nestled between garden roses, eucalyptus, and ranunculus can be floral magic!  So get off your high horse and take a look at these beauts!

Floral Amount Estimate for Your Calculation Needs:

**this is a bit tricky, because my calculations are based on other flowers being in the design.  Like, not solid roses, m'kay?

  • Bridal Bouquet:  7-10 stems
  • Maids Bouquets:  4-6 stems
  • Centerpieces:  4-6 Stems
  • Ceremony Urn or Pergola Cage:  12-15 stems for each urn or cage
  • Aisle Chairs:  3-5 per chair
  • Bouts, Corsages, and Lil' Stuff:  1 stem




apricot carnation, peach carnation, orange carnation
Carnations- Apricot
$ 27.00

Carnations- Apricot

Carnations- Apricot
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