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$ 13.50

Description:  Light, bright greens with touches of yellow. Whimsical sprigs, light and airy. Large bunch size.

Why I Love Bupleurum:  I love this little greenery because it is, in fact, little.  The leaves are small, so it's not overwhelming, just adds a bit of nice green texture.  I use it often when I'm going for a 'wildflower look'.

Special Care Instructions:  None.

Season:  All Year

Floral Amount Estimate for Your Calculation Needs:

  • Bridal Bouquet:  1/3 of a bunch
  • Maids Bouquets:  1/4 of a bunch
  • Centerpieces:  1/4 of a bunch
  • Ceremony Urn or Pergola Cage:  1/2 bunch for each urn or cage
  • Aisle Chairs:  1/3 bunch for each chair
  • Bouts, Corsages, and Lil' Stuff:   ***not great for this application
$ 13.50


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