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Blushing Bride Protea

$ 35.00

Bunch size: Grower's bunch, typically 6-8 stems.

Season:  Summer through Fall, very seasonal little flower.

Description:  Soft, small protea.  Ranges in color from blush, cream, and sometimes a bit deeper in shade on the petal tips.  Clusters of 3-6 blooms per stem.  

How Amy Uses It:  I'm a sucker for anything that provides texture, so this is an all time favorite!  Most of the time, protea is very bold and gives a tropical vibe, so I find that the Blushing Bride protea is 'soft' enough to put in traditional arrangements...providing flare, but not too much!  I love to use it in all things, especially in boutonnieres. 

Colors: Blush, with creamy green center

Special Care Notes:  None, recut and place in fresh water.  Does well in a cool location, keep out of warm, sunny places.

Possible Substitute:  There isn't a close sub for Blushing Protea, if it goes off crop, then a textured accent would be best or a refund.

Floral Amount Estimate for Your Calculation Needs:
  • Bridal Bouquet:  3-5 stems
  • Maids Bouquets:  2-3 stems
  • Centerpieces:  3-5 Stems
  • Ceremony Urn or Pergola Cage:  **probably too short
  • Aisle Chairs:  2-3 per chair
  • Bouts, Corsages, and Lil' Stuff:   1-2 buds