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We need to talk.

(Did you just cringe a little?)

Don't worry.

I'm not breaking up with you.

As an uncool girl who once sewed Guess and Gap labels into her mom-made jeans, I had to learn about life the hard, but mostly hilarious way.

I’ve been waiting with baited breath (fresh breath, of course) to tell you when I was a brand new, self-taught florist in 2007...

  • I bought 200 busted-ass Sam’s Club roses the day before my first hired wedding. None of them opened in time. Think sad, tight-ass bullet roses.

  • I secured arrangements with regular ol’ Scotch tape that flaked off in the wind. Oh, bye.

  • I proudly tied 100 hydrangeas to chairs only to find them wilted within the hour. Who knew?!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I will never, ever let this happen to you.

Because after years of learning, practicing, messing up, and tweezing that one spot on my chin, I became something I’d waited my whole life to become: experienced.

Armed with over 800 weddings under my belt (er, fanny pack) and the most gorgeous florist-grade blooms soil can grow, I’m going to help you leap-frog the rough stuff, laugh at the small stuff, and turn out arrangements so freaking gorgeous people will wonder if you’re secretly French.

Introducing: DIY Flower Academy

A seriously thicc customer-exclusive course that walks through every insider tip I’ve learned over the last 14 years of floral design. Get all the handholdy worksheets, quizzes, supply lists, care tips, arrangement swag, and video content included for free in your order of $350 or more.

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This isn’t a box o’ flowers that tells you to “cut and place in fresh water.” This is a portal to supreme confidence brought to you by the girl
who totally would have sat next to you at lunch.

Here’s to surprising the pants off of everyone with how amazing you are!

Now, let all those feels bang it out.

XOXO + a slap on yer imposter-jeaned arse,