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7 Innovative Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing The Wedding Industry

What does the wedding industry look like in 2019?

The 2019 Newlywed Report, based on WeddingWire’s Newlywed Survey, explores data behind 18,000 newlyweds married in 2018. The survey takes a comprehensive look into engagements, wedding planning, traditions and cost. What’s trending, especially among... Read more...

What To Do With Your Wedding Flowers After The Big Day, So You Don't Waste Them

If you're planning a wedding, or simply attending one, you probably know that flowers often play a huge role in the ceremony. And for good reason — flowers are basically the best thing ever. That being said, when the big day is gone figuring out what to do with your... Read more...

7 Ways to Save Money on Wine at Your Wedding

There are the fun parts of planning a wedding. Incorporating Southern traditions, wedding dress shopping, and spending quality time with your merry maids, to name a few. Then, there are the stressful parts. If sticking to your budget in the wine department has you gasping... Read more...

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