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We’re already working on a solution.

In the meantime, allow us to:

Validate you:

  • Feeling Khaleesi level fury? Understandable.
  • Worried you f-ed up? There’s always a fix.
  • Stressed we’ll leave you hanging? WE WILL NEVER LET GO, JACK!
  • Anxious your flowers won’t turn out? Not possible.
  • Freaked someone named Blair is going to call you back and be a B? THIS ISN’T GOSSIP GIRL.

Encourage you:  

  • You’ve done the right thing by reaching out.
  • Continue prepping your blooms and don’t throw anything out – flowers can be resilient.
  • Make sure everything is in a cool space, unwrapped and unbundled, in the right-size vase.
  • Continue to document all your blooms.

Make it up to you:

  • We will respond immediately to your submission during business hours.  
  • Expect a phone call, not a sketchy mass email.  
  • When a 405-area code pops up – answer! It’s us, not a pyramid scheme!
  • We’ll discuss your photos together and determine whether additional prep, a replacement or a refund is needed.


No jumping through hoops or nervous poops allowed. Every little thing is gonna be alright!