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White Anemone Flower

Fresh White Anemones with their navy center are a DIY bride's favorite for their show-stopping look They look similar to a poppy with delicate, tissuey petals and they are the only Navy Wedding Flower! White Anemones is a great DIY wedding flower and can be used in DIY bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and small bud vases.

$ 32.00

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  • Stem Count: 10 stems
  • Color: White with navy center. **Sometimes white anemones can come with a lavender, green, or pink hue streaked through the center which fades as the bloom opens, this is a naturally occurring phenomenon of Mother Nature. White anemones come with a dark center 95% of the time, but occasionally they will come with green centers. Although we specify dark centers we cannot guarantee.
  • Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Special Care Note: Anemones are delicate so a higher loss is to be expected. We typically average 6 usable stems per bunch.
  • Flower Design Type: Luxury Accent Flower

The Good: Because of their distinctive look, anemones are statement pieces. Embody a graceful, subtle, sultry or elegant vibe with just a few of these blossoms.  They add visual interest and contrast to a bouquet of other assorted blooms. These beauties are too delicate to use in boutonnieres or corsages, but they make a beautiful addition to bouquets and centerpieces.

The Bad: Overall, these lovelies are fussy and tend to be the 'problem child'.  Anemones are especially delicate, so they might become unavailable if bad weather hits. Expect to lose three flowers for every 10 stems your order. Luckily, you only need a couple to make an impression.  If this makes you nervous, snag some faux ones from our supplies section.

  • Anemones need their own small vase...don't crowd!
  • Give the stems a fresh cut, and place in cool water.
  • Remove leaves below waterline.
  • Anemones can come in tight, so place them in a sunny location to encourage opening.

Anemones are considered an 'Accent Flower'. Based on our design ratio suggestions here's our recommended quantity suggestion:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 5-7 stems
  • Maids: 3-5 stems
  • Bouts: N/A, too delicate
  • Corsages: N/A, too delicate
  • Centerpieces: 3-5 stems
  • Large Arrangements: N/A. Typically too short-stemmed.

Flower Moxie reserves the right to make changes or substitutions. All substitutions are only done as a last resort, and only when the reasons for doing so are reasonable and genuine. For example, if a flower becomes unavailable (off-crop), incorrect color, or not in good condition to grace a wedding function we will substitute a flower that has a similar color and price-point.

Acceptable Subs: Scabiosa, Cream Ranunculus; Garden Roses; Lisianthus; Spray Roses. **Anemones are exceptionally hard to substitute due to their unique navy center. We recommend using silk/faux anemones if they become off-crop