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FLOWER MOXIE'S RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Flower Availability and Wedding Postponements
Quicksand Roses Wedding Flowers

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  • Stem Count: 1 stem with 8-12 blooms
  • Season: All Year
  • Color: Ranges from lighter yellow to deep yellow. Can sometimes be more mustard. Cymbidium's centers are always unique and vary in color from yellow, pink, or burgundy. If you are afraid of color variation, it is best to go with a different flower.
  • Description: Hardy blooms going up the length of a thick stem.  
  • Flower Care: Shipped in plastic bag and water tube. Store them upright and feel free to give your orchid a fresh cut and place in fresh, clean water. Keep away from extreme heat or cold.  
  • Pros/Cons
  • Flower Care
  • Quantity Help
  • Subs
  • The Good: Orchids feel so classy, modern, and high-end. We find they are typically long-lasting and hardy little blooms that work well in all arrangements.

When designing, you can cut off individual blooms and place them in a water tube, OR, if you wanna keep it easy, cut and glue the bloom into your bouquet or centerpiece using floral glue/adhesive. This can be done the day of your event and the orchid will hold up well!


  • The Bad:  It's not uncommon to have 1-3 orchid blooms have a tear in the petal when it arrives. Not every bloom will be perfect, but the majority should be. Pluck any bad petal off or angle it in a way it's concealed.
  • Gently remove from plastic bag.
  • Give your orchid a fresh cut, and place in clean water.
  • Make sure it's upright, maybe lean in a corner.
  • Keep away from extreme head or cold.

Orchids are considered an 'Accent Flower'. Based on our design ratios, here's our recommended quantity suggestion:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 1 stem, you can pluck off lower blooms
  • Maids:  1-3 blooms
  • Bouts:  1 bloom
  • Corsages: 1-2 blooms
  • Centerpieces: 1-3 blooms

Visit our 'How Much Should I Buy???' page for further help on figuring out your DIY wedding flower quantities!

Flower Moxie reserves the right to make changes or substitutions. All substitutions are only done as a last resort, and only when the reasons for doing so are reasonable and genuine. For example, if a flower becomes unavailable (off-crop), incorrect color, or not in good condition to grace a wedding function we will substitute a flower that has a similar color and price-point. Watch our video on substitutions to learn more.

Acceptable Subs:  Mini cymbidium, or another orchid that matches well with your palette.