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Ranunculus- Red

$ 29.00
  • Stem Count:  10 Stems
  • Season:  All Year, but sometimes limited
  • Color:  Variations of red
  • Description:  Curved thin stem.  Single bloom attached often with closed blooms, as well.  
  • Flower Care:  Give the stems a fresh cut, and place in cool water.  Remove leaves below waterline.  **If blooms come in too tight, place them in a sunny location to encourage opening.  Ranunculus OFTEN need to be wired because the bloom is heavier than what the stem can support.  See video below.
  • What's Good About 'Em? What's Bad About 'Em?
    • The Good:  Ranunculus are our favorites!  They are so dainty and beautiful they are a staple at almost every wedding!  They are pretty hardy considering how delicate they appear and have the longest vase life out of all the delicate flowers (ie. peonies, anemones, veronica, etc)
    • The Bad:  Ranuculus can be very curved and can bend under the weight of their own bloom so we find we need to wire our ranunculus about 75% of the time.
  • Quantity Help
    • Bridal Bouquet:  5-8 stems
    • Maids:  3-5 stems
    • Bouts:  1 stem
    • Corsages:  1-2 stem
    • Centerpieces:  3-5 stems
    • Large Arrangements:  N/A.  Typically too short-stemmed.

 Special Care Notes:  22 Gauge floral wire recommended for ranunculus.  Sometimes they can be very top heavy, which cause the head to turn down and sag.  But the good news is ranunculus's stems are hollow so you can run a straight wire up the center and VOILA! 

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