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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Movie Star

$ 55.00
CATEGORY:  Standard Rose
BUNCH SIZE:  25 Stems
COLOR: Coral, or Salmon Pink
Why I love Moviestar:  This shade of coral is like a double-edged sword in my life right now.  I lovvvvve it!  And I so want to wear this EXACT shade on my lips and be all on-trend, but I end up looking like Amy Schumer in her 'Make Up' video.  I've learned it's best to accept our personal palette limitations and just enjoy the color in a rose.  
Floral Amount Estimate for Your Calculation Needs:

**this is a bit tricky, because my calculations are based on other flowers being in the design.  Like, not solid roses, m'kay?

  • Bridal Bouquet:  7-10 stems
  • Maids Bouquets:  3-5 stems
  • Centerpieces:  5-6 Stems
  • Ceremony Urn or Pergola Cage:  10 stems for each urn or cage
  • Aisle Chairs:  3 per chair
  • Bouts, Corsages, and Lil' Stuff:   Personally, I only like using spray roses in these, I find standard roses too large.

SPECIAL CARE NOTES:  Upon receiving your roses, leave on the cardboard sleeve, give them a fresh cut, and place them in water for 1-2 hours BEFORE removing the packaging sleeve.  Upon removing the sleeve and packaging, I recommend for you to put them in a sunny spot so they open to their full capacity!  Also, you will remove 2-4 of the outer petals known as 'guard petals'.  It is not uncommon for these to look spotted and unfavorable...thus why they are to be removed.