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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Leather Leaf Fern

$ 13.50

Stem Count:  Grower's Bunch.  Large bunch sizes.  Averages 10-15 main stems.

Description:  Very durable, medium to deep green.  Easy to spray-paint with Design Master Floral Spray (you can buy on Amazon).

Season/Availability:  Year-round

Quantity:  As a florist, here's my estimates for this particular greenery:

  • Bouquets:  1/4 bunch per bouquet
  • Bouts and Corsages:  1 stem per bout
  • Mason Jar size arrangement:  1/6 bunch per jar  
  • Short Vase:  1/5 per vase
  • Large Ceremony Urn:  1 bunch per urn
  • Pergola Cage:  1 bunch per cage
  • Chair Florals:  1/3 per chair