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BTW Test02 - Light Pink Alstroemeria Flower

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$ 13.50

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  • Stem Count: Grower's bunch. Large bunches. Averages 20 stems per bunch
  • Season: Fall- Spring months. Agonis has a very specific look and feel, so it's not easy to substitute. If you order and it's unavailable, we will send more of the same greens that are already in your order.
  • Color: Dark brown to burgundy, color can vary but will be dark.
  • Description: Thin, whispy, feathered leaves with many branches coming off of main branch.

The Good: Large bunches; we really love the texture and deep tones it provides. We adore using it in a moodier color palette.

The Bad: The top leaves can easily shrivel but can be pinched off. Can be seasonal and not easy to find a replacement that looks similar.

Give fresh cut and place in cool water away from sun.

  • Bouquets: 1/6 bunch per bouquet
  • Bouts and Corsages: 1 stem per bout
  • Mason Jar size arrangement: 1/6 bunch per jar
  • Short Vase: 1/5 per vase
  • Large Ceremony Urn: 1 bunch per urn
  • Pergola Cage: 1 bunch per cage
  • Chair Florals: 1/4 per chair


  • Flower 1
  • Flower 2
  • Flower 3